Bethany’s DDI


Bethany’s Lime DDI: Saturday 1 April 2017

The postmortem on Beth’s body established that she died instantly; the death certificate will record Death by Misadventure.

Beth considered herself to be a Trini. There will a lime DDI (for our non-Trini friends this is a party Down D Islands) to celebrate Bethany’s life and scatter her ashes on Saturday 1st April 2017.

Didier has given us the use of El Zorro as the main boat and we are hoping that her friends who have access to a boat will come along for a raft-up and party in Chacachacare where we will scatter her ashes.

For those of you who can come along, we would like you bring some local food to share and a cooler of drinks. There is to be NO BLACK to be worn if at all possible; we’d like a proper Trini style raff-up and lime with plenty of colour, loud music, rum, and of course, plenty of laughter. For those who can’t be with us, perhaps you could have a drink for Beth on the day. This is a celebration of Beth’s life – she was living her dream.

Some of the crew members from Germania Nova will be attending, they will have collected Beth’s ashes on our behalf, and will have brought her ashes from Jamaica with them. Please show these guys some respect; they were her friends and family for over 12 months while she worked on Germania Nova, and they, like us, have suffered greatly from her death. They also have to face it every day in work. We request that nobody asks them about what happened, lays blame or points fingers. Please make them welcome and have a good time, as that is what Bethany would have wanted.

Kind regards

David, Sarah & Bryn